Culture Reprogramming

We Design & Formalize Cultures

Mission, Vision, Values, Behaviors, & More

SGEi’s team of culture hackers works with key stakeholders, executives, and a diverse representation of team members to understand the current culture and to help define the new employee experience. We capture key elements of the brand and the current mindset to reprogram the core cultural concepts of mission, purpose, vision, and values. We then design the look, logos, and style of a strong internal brand that will be recognizable and impactful to your team.

We Refresh Cultures

Stay Relevant to a Modern Workforce

What if your company has a strong foundation, but some of the messaging or the look has become dated? The times move quickly, and SGEi knows that. Our in-house creative services team can help refresh a design, rework messaging, or add the missing elements that will ensure your internal brand is relevant to a contemporary workforce and supports the delivery of your brand promise. By refreshing a culture through updated messaging, tools, and design, SGEi helps create an environment and experience that is relevant for today’s Millennial-oriented workforce.

We help Immerse & Socialize Your Team

Promote & Reinforce the Desired Behaviors & Attitudes— Emotionally Meaningful & Visually Appealing

Values define how team members should act and interact with each other, customers, and the organization. It is critical that values are promoted constantly and consistently in how you select, on-board, recognize, engage, develop, and inspire your people. SGEi culture hackers will align your values through various cultural mechanisms and your employee brand. We can help design and develop the tools and resources that will socialize your people to be exemplary representatives of the company, and to make it an employee destination of choice.

We Orient & On-Board Your People Right

Ensuring New Team Members Begin Their Employee Experience Correctly

Organizations invest heavily in the selection of great talent, but then waste that investment by not introducing the organization’s brand and culture correctly. They often do not set new team members up for success with the appropriate training. SGEi develops orientation days that are memorable experiences to help new staff make an emotional connection with the brand. Our team of culture hackers then defines the training by position to ensure every new team member has an opportunity to succeed.