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SGEi develops customized tools, messaging, and training solutions to reprogram the company culture and employee experience of customer-centric brands. A global consulting and training company, SGEi is a catalyst and partner for brands focused on elevating the habits, abilities, and experiences of every employee. Simply put, SGEi helps motivate team members to want to deliver on the brand’s promise.

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68% of customers defect due to indifference from staff. Gallup reported 70% of today’s work force is discontent or in status quo. Customers will never be satisfied if staff is not engaged. SGEi can design the cultural tools and mechanisms to make your team want to deliver great customer interactions and experiences.


80% of companies believe they deliver a great customer experience, only 8% of their customers agree. SGEi is able to design and deliver training and tools that enable and empower your team to exceed customer expectations through a reprogrammed employee experience.


33% of employees report that uninspiring training content is a barrier to their learning. SGEi’s in-house creative services team includes organizational development experts who design memorable, motivating, and effective content. Our customized training content will engage employees to understand not only what is expected, but why.


100% of companies engage in some type of training for their people, but unfortunately it is often uninspiring and ineffective. SGEi designs and delivers memorable, motivating, and effective training programs that inspire team members to learn, grow, and take control of their career development.

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