Workshops & Retreats

Executive Retreats & Workshops

Ensuring Strategies & Relationships are Aligned

SGEi specializes in executive development. From retreats to executive coaching, our customized programs provide an intensive learning experience that will engage your top managers on a personal and professional level and leave them energized to perform. Strategic thinking, team cohesiveness, and motivation to be better form the foundation of each executive program. The goal of our training program is to explore an executive’s individual journey into leadership and provide the means by which he or she can maximize performance to drive bottom-line results and service excellence for the company.

Leadership Workshops

Experiences That Inspire & Guide Managers to Success

The foundation of good customer experience is inspired by a culture centered on the employee experience and executed through the leadership abilities of your management team. Delivering a world-class customer experience requires a management team to be comfortable and confident in their leadership abilities. Leadership is about knowing what inspires your team to deliver the desired customer experience or brand promise. We have developed a leadership learning experience that will both inspire and guide managers at varying levels of their careers to lead a world-class service organization.

Train-the-Trainer (T3) Workshop

Helping Others to Deliver Memorable, Motivating, & Effective Training.

As Aristotle once said, “The one exclusive sign of thorough knowledge is the power of teaching.” Our T3 program is designed to efficiently teach trainers how to deliver content in a way that ensures a motivational, effective, and memorable learning experience. T3 by SGEi is about developing comfort and confidence within a trainer by focusing on the understanding, emotions, and key messaging of any learning experience. Using the T3 program, our trainer will focus on capturing an audience’s attention through the use of emotions, discussions, and exercises. Participants will have the opportunity to present content and receive group and individual feedback on presentation delivery and content understanding.

One More Hour™ Workshop

Elevating the Importance of Wellness & Stress Management

This one-day workshop helps managers get more out of each day. Many managers have lost all sense of balance and prioritization as they react to the urgencies that surround them. As a result, they resort to making professional or personal sacrifices that ultimately impact their wellness and performance ability. We emphasize time management, building a strong support system, managing strengths and passions, developing good sleep, eating, and exercise habits, and teach how to kick-start your brain to be more creative and open. In today’s highly competitive and stressful world, One More Hour™ is an essential guide to improved well-being for leaders.