Customized Training Solutions & Tools

We Customize Memorable,
Motivating, & Effective Learning Experiences

Training is a powerful socialization and communication tool when it is delivered correctly. However, it is just an event unless its lessons are integrated into a continual, thoughtful program to instill the learning into your team. Whether orienting new team members, building organizational capability, or enhancing leadership excellence, continual training is an integral part of any high-performing customer service culture. SGEi creates customized and dynamic learning experiences that immerse staff, managers, and vendors in the ways of the company mindset and climate of success. Our customized training content will engage employees to understand not only what is expected, but why.

Our team has an understanding of and expertise in the service habits, attitudes, and actions that deliver premium service interactions and customer experiences, as well as the leadership skills required to support them. Our leadership training and supervisor training will develop your talent into the best management team possible. Our organizational development experts ensure that training experiences and materials are memorable, motivating, and effective. We design training for the classroom, in-operation delivery, and online learning. We also offer best-in-class train-the-trainer (T3) programs to ensure any training program is handed over and easily delivered by your in-house trainers or management team.

We Orient & Onboard Your People Right

Organizations invest heavily in the selection of great talent, but then waste that investment by not introducing the organization’s brand and culture correctly. They often do not set new team members up for success with the appropriate service training. SGEi develops orientation days that are memorable experiences to help new staff make an emotional connection with the brand. Our team then defines the necessary training by position to ensure every new team member has an opportunity to succeed. Customer service training is included for all team members, because our colleagues are our internal customers.

We Can Take Your Content & Training Online

eLearning has become an integral part of every modern learning environment. Ensure your training is sending the right message. By developing eLearning content, you can disperse it in many languages, regions, and levels of leadership without miscommunication or a lag in delivery.
Our company offers interactive training experiences to accompany classroom or on-the-job opportunities, or as a stand-alone learning tool. Modules can be created for leadership training, customer service training, or any other topic that will guide team members to success. eLearning is cost-effective, efficient, and always on brand. SGEi integrates videos, gamification, and assessments to ensure a memorable and cutting-edge learning experience.

Our modules can be delivered to your own learning management system or built into a customized learning platform developed by SGEi. Our platforms are completely customized and replete with downloadable tools, collaborative communities, discussion forums, interactive eLearning content, animation, and functionality reporting. We can host and administer the platform for you or hand it over to your in-house IT team. SGEi has helped more than 50,000 users to complete over 400,000 courses around the world. We know how to make eLearning simple to use—even for the most inexperienced computer or iPad user.

Our Team Becomes Your Team

At SGEi, we have the people and resources to facilitate the global rollout of any program. Our careful consideration for local cultures and needs means we can customize the delivery and media of your program without changing the message. We have the ability to translate any training or messaging into multiple languages and then to deliver it accordingly. Our company’s success in the rollout of training programs, new technology, brand standards, and operating procedures speaks volumes. Whether you need supervisor training or to develop a customer service culture, our team can help.

SGEi Signature Learning Experiences

SGEi has a series of licensed training programs that meet the learning expectations of the staff and managers in a customer-focused organization. The content is wholly owned by SGEi and is licensed on a per-person basis to meet your immediate service training needs.

Relationships for Service & Sales Success

The SGEi Relationships for Service & Sales Success modules are designed for front line staff that handle customer interactions. The modules emphasize the ideas and skills required to develop a relationship with customers to increase loyalty and advocacy with a brand. They also give employees the ability to upsell and cross sell products and services. This program introduces and instills service training that includes best practices and techniques developed from behavioral and social psychology, customer experience management, and sales excellence.

How to Manage Customer Challenges and Emotions

The SGEi Problem Resolution modules are designed to build comfort and confidence in your front line staff as they manage a myriad of customer complaints and challenges. According to Econsultancy, 82% of customers say the number one factor that leads to a great customer service experience is having their issues resolved quickly. To react and resolve problems quickly, staff must have the skills and know-how to handle emotions and make decisions quickly while acting responsibly for the organization. SGEi brings all of these factors together in an engaging and interactive series of classroom customer service training modules that will allow your staff to stand out with your customers.

The Essentials of Brand & Culture

Many employees are neither aware nor able to connect the company brand and culture to their day-to-day tasks and responsibilities. As a result, there is often a disconnect between the experience that is promised to customers and the experience that is delivered. This service training teaches employees the value of brand and culture, and the role they play in delivering the desired customer service culture.

SGEi Leadership Training Series

Employees must be engaged to perform and deliver to the best of their abilities. Whether interacting with external customers or peers, employees need to deliver more these days. It is the presence of leadership and a leader’s ability to inspire people to care more and deliver more that will ultimately define the customer experience. According to Goleman, Boyatzis, and McKee of Harvard Business School, for every 1% improvement in the service climate there is a 2% increase in revenue. When leaders drive the customer service culture, associates become better enabled to satisfy customers and ultimately improve your financial position.
Leadership goes beyond the day-to-day management responsibilities of staffing and organizing to enable and empower the staff to create stories worth telling and a feeling that customers want to revisit. The SGEi Leadership Training Series of modules focus on the skills and insights that make front line and middle managers confident in their daily and weekly priorities to engage their teams, help them collaborate with a younger and more empowered workforce, and get the most from their people. Our supervisor training and leadership development will strengthen your entire team.

Workshops & Retreats

Annual Executive Retreat

SGEi specializes in executive retreats and workshops that ensure strategies and relationships are aligned amongst senior leaders. This two-day workshop will engage your top managers on a personal and professional level and leave them energized to perform. Strategic thinking, team cohesiveness, and motivation to be better form the foundation of each workshop; however, each program is customized to the needs of the team.

Leadership Workshops

The foundation of good customer experience is inspired by a culture centered on the employee experience and executed through the leadership abilities of your management team. Creating a world-class customer service culture requires a management team to be comfortable and confident in their leadership abilities. Leadership is about knowing what inspires your team to deliver the desired customer experience or brand promise. We have developed a leadership training experience that will both inspire and guide managers at varying levels of their careers to lead a world-class service organization. The one-day workshop challenges traditional thinking, inspires new ideas, and energizes the management team to be more considerate of their employees’ experience at work.

Train-the-Trainer (T3) Workshop

As Aristotle once said, “The one exclusive sign of thorough knowledge is the power of teaching.” Our T3 program is designed to efficiently teach trainers how to deliver content in a way that ensures a motivational, effective, and memorable learning experience. T3 by SGEi is about developing comfort and confidence within a trainer by focusing on the understanding, emotions, and key messaging of any learning experience. Using the T3 program, our trainer will focus on capturing an audience’s attention through the use of emotion, discussions, and exercises. Participants will have the opportunity to present content and receive group and individual feedback on presentation delivery and content understanding.


Brand Standards, Operating Procedures, & Service Habits

To ensure your customer experience is delivered seamlessly and consistently in your unique brand voice, standards and processes are required. At SGEi, we specialize in developing and implementing brand standards and operating procedures that ensure the style and voice of your brand is exemplified within the efficient delivery of your product or service. We also specialize in developing service habits that will define how your employees act and interact with each customer. To this end, we deploy a team of trainers to help implement and teach the new standards, processes, or service habits to your front line staff and managers at multiple locations simultaneously anywhere in the world.


Thank you so much for working with us through our brand launch, as well as your continued efforts as we develop and grow our business. You and the SGEi team did an amazing job not only capturing the personality and uniqueness of our brand, but truly bringing it to life for our staff. The SGEi team was able to formalize our culture, and then design a series of corresponding learning experiences to socialize and energize our staff and elevate their service skills. The SGEi trainers are dynamic, engaging, organized, and dedicated. I would not hesitate in recommending your wonderful group to any other organization serious about its brand identity, and positively developing and growing its culture.

Corey Jenkins

Managing Partner, Hexx

Many associates have told me how your programs and your approach to our business have fundamentally changed their outlook on their role and their lives.

David Bird

General Manager, Roosevelt Hotel, NYC

Last year I engaged the services of SGEi to conduct leadership training with managers at my resort. Their contribution has been invaluable, and we have seen tremendous change and growth in our managers over the past year. Managers have been inspired to take on new projects, develop closer working relationships with each other, and increase productivity among their teams. I therefore wholeheartedly recommend them for any culture development and leadership engagement.

Thierry Grandsire

Managing Director, Grace Bay Club

If you had told me a year ago that we would be #1 in Profit and #1 in Guest Satisfaction, I would not have believed you. The effect that you had on our team was without doubt the best investment we could ever have made.

Kelly Sanders

General Manager, Sheraton San Diego

It has been my pleasure to work with Shane Green Enterprises. Since 2010 they have partnered with The Cosmopolitan in the areas of eLearning, content development, service/culture/leadership content development, training and superior facilitation. They have been a key partner to us for Learning & Development and will continue to be in the future. I can confidently recommend SGE as a solid and reliable consultant, true masters of their craft.

Daniel Espino

SVP, People | The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas

SGE is the most professional training company that we have ever used. They were simply a positive breath of fresh air, as they were able to come in during the pre-opening phase and take charge while closely working with our department heads to craft our Vision, Mission and Values. SGE was instrumental in helping orchestrate our SOP development by working hand in hand with our department heads. They were able to customize and personalize the operational standards for our luxury resort. Additionally, the SGE trainers were masterful. SGE certainly has a talented pool, which helped reinforced the learning techniques in a very interactive style. From one-on-ones to our executive retreat to very large classroom settings, the talented SGE trainers were able to clearly energize every team member. Our culture, vision, and mission were clearly strengthened due to SGE’s involvement in every phase of our hotel opening. SGE is a clear choice to move your organization in a positive direction.

Yulia Bogdanova

Director of HR, Savoy Resort & Spa

SGEI was masterful at guiding us through not only customer experience training, but more importantly, starting from the beginning and defining what our unique, company-specific customer experience should be. By truly immersing themselves in our company’s culture and values they were able to design a customer experience that is a natural extension of our corporate culture. I think this is the key to the longevity of their impact.

Erin Armendinger

VP of Customer Experience, GGP

Shane had a tremendous impact on our Sales team, inspiring them to be more proactive in developing long-term relationships with their clients. His teaching style combines many different mediums of learning, which helps facilitate a more practical, engaging, and exciting experience for those listening.

Ben Smith

President & CEO, Intelitech Employment Services

All was wonderful again – beyond perfect as always. We cannot thank you enough for the enthusiasm and the willingness to not only train us, but to really become part of our team. The staff value you beyond belief and your efforts speak for themselves.

Tracee Nalewak

Executive Director of Marketing, Hakkasan Group