Our Methodology


SGEi provides a thorough checklist of information, items, and materials required to understand a brand, its current operational performance, and the various cultural mechanisms utilized to influence an employee’s mindset. Once all the required information is collected, our culture hackers conduct surveys and on-site interviews to understand the mindset and attitude of team members.

Outcome: SGEi delivers a detailed blueprint of materials and mechanisms to be refreshed or improved. This feedback is presented to the senior leadership team in a workshop where a strategy for improvement is developed.


Next, SGEi culture hackers work with HR to refresh the style, messaging, or training mechanisms that inspire staff to be more engaged, creative, and responsible. Using our expertise in both online and classroom training programs, we create a variety of learning experiences to improve skill sets, attitudes, and behaviors of staff.

Outcome: Depending on the priorities and focus for a brand, SGEi designs internal marketing materials, communication mechanisms, learning experiences, or leadership tools to improve both the customer and employee experience.


SGEi master trainers can deliver custom content or hand it over via a train-the-trainer program. Whether you choose to use our team or an internal one to implement training programs, we remain a long-term resource. Our familiarity with a brand means we can quickly step in to deliver training any time.

Outcome: SGEi offers a reliable and effective team of trainers and coaches to support the ongoing messaging and learning of a brand.


SGEi ensures that measurements are in place to score both customer interactions and employee engagement. We work with clients’ vendors to ensure their programs also measure the emotional and cultural impact on the customer and employee experience. The continued success of a program or training initiative is important to our team.

Outcome: We provide a series of scores that allow for a thorough understanding of the effectiveness and relevance of any program or initiative introduced.