Customer Experience Consulting

Brand Standards, Operating Procedures, & Service Habits

We Detail What Makes You Unique

To ensure your customer experience is delivered seamlessly and consistently in your unique brand voice, standards and processes are required. At SGEi, we specialize in developing and implementing brand standards and operating procedures that ensure the style and voice of your brand is exemplified within the efficient delivery of your product or service. We also specialize in developing service habits that will define how your employees act and interact with each customer. To this end, we deploy a team of trainers to help implement and teach the new standards, processes, or service habits to your frontline staff and managers at multiple locations simultaneously anywhere in the world.

Training and Coaching

We Help Deliver Your Experience Consistently

SGEi has a dynamic team of qualified trainers, coaches, and culture hackers with operational experience in a number of disciplines. Our ability to deliver classroom or online training on the desired service habits, brand standards, and operating procedures is critical to establishing your operations foundation. We offer experiential learning using a combination of philosophical and hands-on activities built around games, discussions, and reflection. Our coaches then work alongside staff and managers to provide feedback, fine tune skills, and ensure each customer interaction is more than just another transaction.


We Can Provide Quality Assurance, Audits, Inspections, & Mystery Shops

To ensure the sustainment of your investment in your customer experience, we implement or align measurement tools to maintain a constant and healthy pulse of your customer base. Our partnership with LRA by Deloitte – a leading global provider of customer experience measurement services, brand standards audits, quality assurance inspections, mystery shopping programs, and customer/employee research – adds to our list of services that benefit you. Together with our partner, we help clients maintain their ability to deliver consistent, memorable, and differentiated customer experiences to drive greater loyalty, advocacy, and profitability.

Openings, Transitions, and Organizational Support

It All Starts Here

We assist and guide companies through the arduous process of making a hotel, spa, restaurant, or retail project a reality. For any opening or transition, we can help ensure that the assets and business will be functional, allow for the highest level of service, and make financial sense. We can lead the training of new team members, manage pre-opening operations, write brand standards and operating procedures, and manage practice simulations, all to ensure a detailed handover of your hospitality or retail business.